2019 Joyful Sound a success

JOYFUL SOUND – Gospel artist Cara T. Newton (second right) is pictured at the Joyful Sound Gospel Concert on Sunday, June 23, as the crowd enjoyed the event which was primarily targeted to uplifting praise and worship leaders.

The phenomenally staged ‘Joyful Sound’ was the gospel concert of the year, declared the hundreds that attended the production on Sunday, June 23.

Founder Patron Missick and his committee, gave believers in Grand Bahama an opportunity to receive spiritual fulfillment from local award-winning gospel artists Cara T. Newton and Oslien Jadorte and International Gospel Singer, Candy West.

Missick explained that the concert was an initiative to strengthen singers and also praise and worship leaders, in their walk in Christ. He said, his desire for them was to remain spiritually-led, as they continue to minister in their respective churches.

“All of the artists that are in this event are renowned praise and worship leaders, particularly here in The Bahamas and abroad. Candy West, is a praise and worship leader in the United States; Cara T- Newton and Oslien Jadorte are both praise and worship leaders in The Bahamas. They are role model praise and worship leaders and are who people look up to when it comes to knowing what it is about worship,” Missick said.

“Joyful Sound dropped in my spirit and it pretty much came from a live streaming with International Gospel Singer, Candy West. We had a conversation online and she threw out the invitation to me and said, if I was to have an event or a night of worship, she would find a way of getting herself to attend.

“Feeding off that conversation, Joyful Sound came about,” he shared. “This particular event was directed to praise and worship leaders and teams, and the whole Grand Bahama community leadership at large.

“But the praise teams will get a gist of what Joyful Sound is about by learning from these leaders, the experience and getting poured into. Every Sunday, these praise leaders are pouring into the congregation and that constantly happens every Sunday, even sometimes through the week. But this particular event was about worshiping God from a different perspective.”

He continued, “They were being poured into from these renowned leaders. This was an opportunity for them to remain open, be led into worship and to worship freely.

“I am close friends with Cara T. Newton and Oslien Jadorte and we combined resources that we had to pull this off. This was not a one-person effort from Patron Missick, this was a team initiative and the people who I have worked with before in the ministry were able to contribute their time and efforts back to me.”

Despite concerns voiced about the young believers of the day, Missick is of the belief that youth of today are birthed with boldness.

He said that when it comes to worshiping God, one must do it in spirt and in truth.

“This is the time that I have noticed that a lot of young people are being bold. But I want young people to dedicate that boldness towards Christ.

“Don’t feel like praising God is wrong, because it definitely is not. The boldness that you are bringing forth is what God wants. He wants true worship, unashamed worshipers, He wants worshipers that will worship Him in spirit and in truth and not caring for what persons may feel or how they may feel.

“Be bold. Give bold worship and bold praise unto him,” he reiterated.

Sharing on the experiences of the night, Missick said, “If you were expecting healing, you experienced it and more, if you expected breakthrough, you experienced that and more. The atmosphere was conducive for anything to happen – miracles, signs and wonders – we were under an open heaven.”

He continued, “This event could not be possible without the people that I closely work with. People like the Red Alert Band and the team, which are both passions of mine. They helped me with the event, the three artists and in particular, the Joyful Sound Team who worked behind the scenes.

“I want to also thank Pastor LaQuez Williams, Bishop Godfrey Williams and Pastor Glen Russell, who all played a pivotal role in encouraging me on my first event.”

West, who flew in from Atlanta, spoke on the prosperity of economic development in The Bahamas and motivated the attendees to dream big.

She encouraged them to follow their dreams and also believe in the miracles of God. “Tonight, Joyful Sound, was a night of worship and it was absolutely phenomenal.

“The biggest thing about having a vision is, if you leave it in your mind and you never put it on paper, it is hard to make it manifest.

“There is something about writing down a vision to help reveal the layers of your dream. I have a lot of things in my mind and when I would write things, it’s almost like God begins to reveal the next step and the next step. Write the vision and make it plain,” she added, quoting from scripture.

“Challenges are going to come. They are inevitable, they are sometimes necessary, because challenges are what help us to realize what our faith is.

“It wasn’t until I started facing things that would challenge my faith to let me know, ‘Oh God I really don’t believe You like I said I did.’ I’ll believe You when it’s easy and I can get it or I can do it on my own, but when I have to trust You to work it out and I’m faced with those challenges that are showing me I really have to believe God and not worry, but just trust Him.

“Sometimes we don’t want challenges, but God uses them to help increase our faith and to prove who He is to us,” said West.

Elevation Award 2019 winner Jadorte said, “Joyful Sound was a couple of months in the making and I was a little nervous at first, with only three people on the line up.

“I was trying to figure out how would you fill out a whole concert with only three artists, but obviously these were seasoned persons that Patron chose to do this.

“These were persons that live and breathe worship and so, that really helped the night go smoothly.”

Jadorte added, “There was high energy, the anticipation we had from the crowd was amazing. It was an awesome night and I appreciated the invitation to come to Freeport.”

He encouraged worship leaders to keep serving. “Whenever God has called you, in whatever area He has called you to work … if you are going to be great, you have to become the least. In other words, you have to become a servant before you can get to the level where there is recognition or fame.

“Those are by-products of being, a servant first … so, I encourage everyone to find themselves in a local church, serve faithfully and before you know it, God will elevate you to where He needs you to go.”

Newton added, “This event was absolutely amazing. I think I was the second artist he (Missick) called after Candy West and right away, I said it was no problem.

“I knew his heart was for Kingdom business and for the people of God and even for Grand Bahama, so it was absolutely no problem with me at all to come here and be a part of this tonight.”

Speaking to planning gospel concerts and highlighting the importance of advertising and marketing, Newton said, “There are a lot of people who actually wait for events like this.

“You can’t sit and wait on people, but you have to market. I think that plays a big role. It’s not that events can’t be successful, it’s that you have to go the whole nine yards so that everyone knows about it and make sure it’s open to the public.”

Attendee and intercessor Quistal Cooper shared, “I was here at the Joyful Sound and it was an awesome time. We had a wonderful encounter with the Lord, worshiping with like-minded saints. It was truly a mind blowing awesome experience.”

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