Shriners and Daughters celebrate with illustrious Potentate James Walker

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SHRINERS AND DAUGHTERS CELEBRATE – Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend more than 250 American Shriners and Daughters traveled to Grand Bahama, joining their local counterparts and those out of New Providence, including the Nemesis Court #231 under the leadership of Illustrious Commanderess Daughter Ronique Tinker – to celebrate with Illustrious Potentate James Walker in his Potentate Ball. Included in the group was Imperial Potentate, Mr. Parker from Sacramento, California along with three other Imperial Officers. Also in attendance were three Imperial Officers from the Imperial Court, along with Grand Master of The Bahamas, Leslie Bain. The weekend activities included a camouflage night, the ball (which was held the Saturday evening) and the beach party. Each of the events were very successful, the visiting guests enjoyed themselves and vowed to return as soon as possible.

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