X-X-MAS or Christ’s Mass

1. A glass of water,
A simple slice of bread,
is what the Holy Spirit said.
Give them to the beggar,
“the Christmas lie,”
before he dead.
Santa is another satanic money spread.

2. Not the rich and the greedy,
but the very poor and needy.
the VERY poor and needy;
Feed the hungry,
and bless the poor.
If you don’t know your neighbor,
that is the man next door

3. Then what the heck,
Are you living for,
Fame and fortune
I’m sure life’s worth much more.
And what is the use of this society
Depending on the church –
Or the Presidency

4. God has ordered a simple plan
To help and heal your fellow man
Don’t point a finger
Four point back at you
JAAH love is true
It depends only on me and you.

Melchizedek Mehiah Methuselah Moss Mudd
AKA Dr. Roopi MD. ND.

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