Westminister System changes advocated

DR. KEVIN KING, The Kingdom Government Movement (KGM)

Dear Editor,

The Kingdom Government Movement (KGM), a new political movement is capturing the minds of the Bahamian electorate.

I, Leader of the KGM Dr. Kevin King have introduced a new conceptualization of democracy that is a Parliamentary/ Republican System.

Following the general elections of 2022 after a successful mandate given to the KGM by the citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the following events will occur.

The aspects of the Westminster System that requires constitutional referendum, will provide the Bahamas with the following governmental changes:

1. The prime minister will be elected directly by the citizens of the Bahamas-after debates with other candidates. 

2. All senators will be elected directly by the citizens; firstly 12 in first class, six in second class, and six in 3rd class. This will be done in two-year election cycles, and a senator may offer as many times as they wish. The president of the senate is chosen from among peers.3.  Any born Bahamian citizen male or female of Bahamian parents can declare their candidacy to become the Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

4. July of 2026 to end of January 2027 is the window for declaring your candidacy.

5. November 9th 2027 will be the next general elections. This will be the set date for The Bahamas General Elections.

6. A Bahamian President will replace the Governor General as Head of State and will have ceremonial duties and oversee a two-week transition of power after elections.

7. The Bahamian President can be male or female, nominated by the public and ratified by the parliament and will serve one seven-year term. This is a none-pensionable position.

8. In 2023 The Bahamas will go to referendum to replace the Monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, and for the transition from Westminster to Parliamentary Republic.

9. The commissioner of police will be on the ticket every five years and be elected by the citizens. This candidate will come from within the organization and not be affiliated with any political organization.

10. There will now be separation of powers in the legislature, with the senators being the foundation of the legislature with revolving elections, but experienced senators will emerge from the 3 three class cycle of elected senators.

11. Any Bahamian citizen can offer him or herself to become a member of parliament and declare candidacy. They do not have to belong to a political party, as a percentage system will be implemented depending on votes garnered by the candidate, making provisions for more than one candidate being elected to parliament from a constituency.

12. The speaker will be elected by the citizens or the members of the legislature. The deputy speaker of the House of Assembly will be elected by the legislature in open balloting and the majority votes will prevail. This will maintain the speaker's independence.

13. Each ministry will have an inspector general. The Office of Inspector General investigates complaints or allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct by employees or contractors that involve or give rise to fraud, waste or abuse within the ministry's or government operations.

14. The parliamentary registrar will be an independent organization free from political interference, hence eliminating the boundaries commission and the act of political gerrymandering each election cycle.

There is more to come, as the KGM continues to unveil it's platform to the citizens of the Bahamas.

~ Dr. Kevin King

Leader  KGM

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