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Your Weekly Motivation

Our theme for this year’s 46th anniversary of Independence in The Bahamas, “United We Stand, Together We Can,” is a reminder to us of the importance of teamwork. TEAM is said to be an acronym for “Together Everyone Accomplishes More.”

In order for a team to accomplish success its players must be united. The same applies to citizens of a country working together as a team. If we are united as a people, indeed together we all can accomplish so much more.

Just as this theme speaks of unity, so does our country’s National Pledge, Anthem and Motto.

Our country’s National Pledge so ably penned by Rev. Phillip Rahming says, “I pledge my allegiance to the Flag and to The Commonwealth of The Bahamas for which it stands, one people united in love and service.”

A line from our National Anthem, “March on Bahamaland,” written by Mr. Timothy Gibson, states, “Pledge to excel through love and unity, pressing onward, march together, to a common loftier goal”.

The motto of The Bahamas as depicted on our Coat Of Arms designed by Rev. Dr. Hervis L. Bain, Jr, “Forward, Upward, Onward, Together,” speaks of unity in describing the direction and manner we should move as a nation, forward, upward, onward and together.

These men in writing these pieces as our country prepared to become an independent nation, no doubt had a vision of Bahamians being united in making a better Bahamas.

How united are we as Bahamians?

Unity is defined as a state of being one. Being united therefore means coming together as one such as the unity of persons forming a united front or a single entity making a united effort.

As Bahamians we are a people of much diversity; different religious views, political views, etc. While it is common in any group of people to have diversities or differences in opinions, these people, in spite of their differences, can still come together as one in aspiring towards a common goal. As proud Bahamians and citizens of The Bahamas, all of us should have a common goal, a goal of a better Bahamas.

How can we be united in spite of our differences?


one another

One of the good things about living in a democratic country is freedom of choice and speech. As Bahamians we are free to make individual decisions on such things as which religion or political party we want to be affiliated with. We must all realize that this is our right as Bahamians and therefore learn to respect others who may have opposing views. Because you may be of a different faith or political affiliation than someone else, that does not necessary make you the smarter, more intelligent or the better person. Let us therefore learn to respect one another’s views. We do not have to agree with each other on everything but we can still work together for a better Bahamas.

Recognize the

gifts in others

All of us were created by God with individual gifts and talents. While we may have diversities in our looks, our likes and dislikes, our views and opinions etc., we should still be able to recognize that all persons have something to offer.

In 1st Corinthians 12:14-18, Paul compares the church to a physical body explaining that the hands, the feet and all parts of the body play an important role and none is more important than the other, he said that so it is with members of the church, while they may have different gifts, they all come together to benefit the church as a whole.

That is how it should be in any group or organization including citizens of a country. We may not share the same views but we should still be able to recognize that we all have something to “bring to the table;” we all have different gifts that may be used in service to our country.

Relate to

one another

To relate to someone is to associate with and show sincere concern for the person. We are living in a country where neighbours do not know each other and people walk by others without even speaking. In spite of our differences we should still show love and care for each other because ultimately whether we be FNM, PLP, DNA or whatever, we are all first and foremost Bahamians.

If we were truly united respecting one another, recognizing one another’s gifts and relating to others there probably would not be so much crime in our country, neighbours will know, speak to and help one another, as a people we will truly care for one another. If we stand united, then together we can fight against the many social ills that we face in our country and work to build a better Bahamas.

Happy Independence Bahamas!

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