“The Folly of Carnival”

Dear Editor,

My brother Michael R. Moss opened a can of worms in his letter concerning our “Colony of Borrowed Culture.” Carnival is acquainted with and identifies as Trinidad or Brazil.
The word itself, Carnival is not associated with Junkanoo at all. It means giving way to the flesh. My bother Charlie married Bev from Tunapuna Trinidad, my uncle Pete married Zanife from Port of Spain Trinidad and I was married to Betty-Ann from Point Fortin Trinidad. My brother Michael did his engineering degree with UWI Trinidad. Carnival was where we went to just before Lent to let off steam and celebrate annually. It was a family affair.
Goombay, as in Goombay Summer; or Jumbey as in the village, Rake and Scrape; these are words that more appropriately relate to Bahamian culture- not Carnival. Carnival precedes Lent not follows it.
I would like to congratulate my brother Michael R. Moss for the detailed clarity he wrote to explain the oxymoron. Regarding the mix music, this “new music” is NOT BAHAMIAN and is a poor imitation of the Carnival sound of Trinidad as experienced by The Grand Masters “Kitch” and Sparrow.
So can the Carnival and let us rework our musical and cultural minds for a better product. This year was a dismal failure. STOP WASTING MONEY!!! And by the way, avoid the fiasco that was produced in Exuma.

~ Dr. Roopi Salahase

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