The effects of slavery

Dear Editor:

In the fifteenth century as the major nations of the western world were focused on the continent of Africa; the question before them was the nature of man. They went against human nature to enslave an entire race of people with the rationale that they were only three fifths of a human being.

That was the most blatant act of mans inhumanity to man, in the history of the world.

They called themselves Christians but enslaved a people made in the image of God.

Slavery was that evil institution around which a moral storm was gathering, and the African people were caught in the eye of the storm. No other people in the history of the world has had their history so drastically altered as the African people who were uprooted from their country; stripped of their name, language and culture; and enslaved for hundreds of years.

Across that stretch of ocean, between the North and South Atlantic, there developed an international traffic in human beings-- profitable in wealth; but tragic in human misery. We can visualize the ancestors on those long sea voyages, through the blood stained middle passage, as the loneliness of the sea stripped away the stereotype, and revealed humanity in a cruel nakedness.

The crime of slavery was accommodated into a structure of social control by the slave traders. We cannot help but wonder why the children of former slave owners who have benefitted so much from free labor; are so bitter toward descendants of former slaves who provided that labor; but inherited nothing in return.

Since we were enslaved and given the name of the slave-masters as if we were their children; it is reasonable to suggest that they are the ones called Israel.

They regarded our ancestors as children when they enslaved and gave them their names. All children are supposed to carry the name of their fathers; but they were stripped of that names and given the names of the slave masters.

That is why we are not concerned about reparation; since you gave us your name as if we are your children, we are demanding our inheritance; which is rightfully ours.

Slavery was not just for a couple of years; but hundreds of years; generation after generations were born into, and died in that horrible system; and some are still suffering as mental slaves.

We can imagine those international criminals, with their lust for free labor; enslaving innocent and defenseless people. These were the people, who immortalized themselves; while sacrificing every principle for their cause.

It was in the sordid particulars of such an event as this that the social structure was broken.

Because of racial prejudice in the 1950s the civil rights movement was organized to promote racial-equality which was denied people of color.

But the establishment of racial equality, instead of being the end of the conflict; was the beginning of a new conflict!

As soon as the signs were removed from the buses, lunch counters, water fountains, and other places; invisible signs were erected all over the land.

In his book The Religious Case against Belief; James P Carse referred to something like this; not only as ordinary ignorance; but willful ignorance.

~ Prince G Smith

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