Questions regarding Oban Energies abound

Here are a few questions I have concerning this company.

1. Did this company put up a bond or even take out insurance for cases of emergency?

2. Has the BEST commission or Attorney General checked to see if such a heads of agreement does not contravene any existing protocols that can be legally binding. For example, The Bahamas is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and the Durban Agreement. The designated area for this development houses a national park and beach, caves and other ‘national treasures.’ If certain carbon emissions or an accident happen in that area I think the government would be liable in an international court under any of these protocol/agreements. Instead of reducing our carbon footprint we are increasing it. The international community would get involved because these kinds of lawsuits are done in an international court and can be very costly.

3. The optics look terrible for the government and the issues aren’t just obscure peccadillos (minor offence) and here’s how I arrived at that conclusion:

Mr. Peter Krieger got an audience with the Prime Minister to sign a ‘Ceremonial Heads Of Agreement’ and this posed a catastrophic public relations nightmare because Mr. Krieger pleaded guilty to a felony charge in 2006 and has outstanding tax liens with the U.S. government. Even though the constitution does not address these kinds of issues, the law is very clear, and I cite the Bahamas National Act chapter 3 part 7a) and d), so by law it’s hard for him to become a citizen. To compound this he represents a company that has no affiliation with The Bahamas. Oban was never registered with the Registrar. The process is simple. For an American company to register and do business in The Bahamas, a notary(attorney) would do a continuation form, notarize all documents, write a letter stating who the owners are, then submit it to the Registrar General and pay a processing fee of $350, after which then apply for a business license online, at which time a VAT number would be issued. It seems like each step of the way the process was circumvented to accommodate this project.

The public don’t know the owners, the precise location of the project, the Environmental Impact it would have in their communities but Oban was given nearly 700 acres of land on behalf of the Bahamian people. Do we know his (Krieger) immigration status? Has any of the major players ever lived in The Bahamas, held a Bahamian bank account or made any meaningful contribution to Bahamian society before the signing of this HOA. Where will Oban get the financing from because The Bahamas is on the EU blacklist. Most countries have an anti-money laundering clause and if Mr. Krieger or major player in this project is shady, it will decimate our international reputation and banking sector.

4. How could the Best Commission, Ministry of Finance, National Security, Attorney General and more importantly the Grand Bahama Office of The Prime Minister allow this to happen and not make a collective decision for the betterment of the country? The Cabinet of The Bahamas has been compromised, which means that it is impossible to be fair and balance as it relates to this Oban matter.

5. Has anyone asked the question, is Oban allowed to drill for oil in The Bahamas? If oil is discovered they are mandated to share the revenue 50/50 from the natural resources with the government as per Nagoya Protocol. If Oban was Bahamian then that Protocol does not apply.

~ Samuel Bevans

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