Questions asked of voters

Dear Editor,

What has the present government done for the continuation of governing the country?
What are their specific, definite and precise ideas or goals to change the present conditions of the Bahamian economy?
Precisely what is the present status of the debt of the country?
Is VAT presently benefiting the economy, whereby we would not have an increase in taxes?
Have they honestly and personally not benefited from the finances of the Bahamian economy?
Is the present Official Opposition considering is present status of internal conflict?
Have you considered whether the other opposition parties need stronger leadership ability and guts to make a strong government.

Bahamians, I do not hate anybody in this country. I love God the Creator and Maker of the Universe. Every Government of the Bahamas, whether PLP or FNM, I have prayed for, that the leaders may make decisions that are profitable and beneficial for The Bahamian people, whether black or white, male or female, inclusive of whether they fear God or not according to I Timothy 2:1 & 2. Therefore, I ask all Bahamians to seek God personally and ask him to allow a government or candidates that would help the poor and the lowly.

For a very long time we have spontaneously without consideration elected persons who are either not qualified, or are opportunist, selfish or greedy with no substance or platform to represent us. They either are not good decision makers, don’t know how to adapt, so as not to appear serving personal interest, or not sound enough to not get drunk with popularity and power. If you decide to look out for yourselves, see to it that you own everything business wise and not help the helpless; you have failed the Bahamian people. Persons out there who have the potentials, need to motivate, energize and cultivate a stamina that would make them individuals who can help the system, come forth and break this cycle.

Running any country is a delicate thing and the persons doing so should be God-faring, honest and upright and of integrity; those who would deny themselves to the point of honestly not looking out for their own gain. Certainly, you need to ensure that you are taken care of, but not to the point whereby your gain is your highest priority, no matter what you have to do. That type of attitude should not be at the forefront of leaders’ intentions.

The future economy’s growth, strength and welfare of our country will affect our future generations, our children, ‘our little darlings’ as former MP Mr. Algernon Allen used to quote. Really we have to look out for successive generations and set precedent for their welfare. It’s not only for us making the decisions to vote now, but we need to remember the generations to follow.

There has been progress and successes in all the parties that have served in The Bahamas. However, the country needs individuals who are not self-centered, and avoid making decisions that have no lasting effect. The individuals must be persons who are concerned from the heart when making decisions and from the head when it comes to dealing with persons that are not genuinely true to the cause. If you need to re-vamp, do not be afraid to do so. We can’t allow persons in leadership to not look out for the interest of the Bahamian people. It is high time that we look at the future of the present generation and the generations to follow.

Please voters, do not allow the wooing of persuasive promises and illegal funding or buying of votes by anyone, regardless of who it might be. Listen carefully to their plan, and strategies. Weigh them cautiously and fall on your knees before God and ask him to grant the Bahamian people the right leader for this time in history. Someone who has keen interest in the well-being of our country and its future should be selected. A person with economic background, knowledge of the word of God and is versed in the international and national background of politics and sciences (should be selected). These are really hard times, even though there are many citizens who have and are getting by. Still, there is a need for someone who is intellectually sound and knows how to put this country in position to sustain itself and make things happen in these times of economic hardship.

Consider the tourism product of this nation. Something has to be done to strengthen the economic ties internationally. We need new ideas for implementation into the tourism product. Freeport in particular, has suffered tremendously from the hardship of the tourism product. Perhaps we need some more industry partners and new products to nourish the present yield that we now benefit from. The hotel industry is starving and we are not checking for ways and means to maintain its’ continued growth and development. The present condition of the International Bazaar and the Princess Towers and Bahama Princess Hotels, inclusive of the Casino and the road of East and West Sunrise Highway (which needs to be opened up) in order to bring about the trafficking of vehicles, taxis and buses so that the memories of what used to be would become reality, must be addressed in order to create a better site and business enhancement for the Freeport community.

Again I say to the Bahamian public: Don’t be so hasty to vote. These are crucial times and we need to make the right decision, the right choice and support the right persons to represent in the house of assembly. Our young people are looking on and they are wondering what to do. We have to pray and ask for guidance and trust God to give us the right people to put in position in order for the country to be recognized (It’s Better in The Bahamas) and to give our children a better hope and a better tomorrow. It’s all tied up in the Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth, but we have to seek Him and let Him be God.

Let’s pray that the road whe’re are on truly leads us to Him as our National Anthem states: Lift Up Your Head Bahamas and vote with pride and integrity after weighing it all out through the help of our Maker.

~ Yours etc.
Lonia Dean

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