Positive perspectives

Dear Editor,

The move set and established a “spiritual foundation” for the year 2018 (5778). What an awesome display.
We have been caught on Grand Bahama in a negative atmosphere for too long. But were we to see ourselves as part of the Northern Bahamas, our kaleidoscope would be from “gloom to glory!”

Abaco and Bimini are on the rise and many of the Grand Bahamian workers have become “driftwoods” to our neighboring islands.

My eldest child, Adamma, and her family, came down from Atlanta for the holiday and we took the fast ferry over to Bimini. The journey was an enjoyable one; but a mere hour and a half from gloomy Grand Bahama was the glory of creator Bimini. This was evident especially by the attitude of the Biminites and their world famous “Bimini bread.”

So Grand Bahama let us again be the crown in the north. From a positive perspective 2018 (5778) better must come!

~ Dr. Melchizedek Methuselah Moss DeGregory aka Dr. Roopi

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