Opposed to shantytowns

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate that the PLP leader seemingly has joined with Fred Smith to fight for undocumented immigrants against Bahamians.

Every time Brave Davis speaks about the shantytown issue he is criticizing the government. All the government is trying to do is keep order and stop people from building on land without authorization. Bahamians can’t do what shantytown residents do. Yet the PLP leader looks to be standing against Bahamians with the shantytown residents and Smith.

Does Davis want power so badly that he would go against his people and stand with foreigners on this issue? Is the PLP now the party of the shantytown dwellers, unconcerned about the interests of Bahamians?

PLP and FNM governments should be against unauthorized development by undocumented people in our country. It is a disgrace that the PLP appears to be siding against Bahamians in this policy.

Bahamians should take note of how the PLP stands. They are not with us. This issue has united Bahamians. We want our land to be for Bahamians. I believe the PLP is with Smith and advocating for the other side.

Davis has never supported the Bahamian position of clearing shantytowns and restoring Bahamian land to Bahamians.

The PLP has lost its nationalist spirit. It looks like the party will align with even anti-Bahamian interests just to get power again. And we must remember what they did when they were last in power. We still don’t know where hundreds of millions of dollars of VAT money went. They taxed us and had little to show for it.

We can’t let them come back. If they do we’d lose track of the VAT money again and shantytowns would be allowed to spread across The Bahamas.

The PLP has fallen so far from where it began. It used to be the party of the under-class and workers. If we didn’t vote the PLP out last election the treasury would have ended up empty and chaos ensued.

Davis and Perry Christie are the same. If Brave wins, the same old game that happened under Christie would resume.
We should never trust a leader who sides with non-Bahamians in a fight over Bahamian land. Brave is not good for The Bahamas.

Martha S. Greene

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