Open letter to PM Minnis thanking Central, GB MP

Dear Editor,

To: The Right Honorable Prime Minister Hubert Minnis,
RE; Mr. Iram Lewis, MP – Central Grand Bahama.

Honorable Prime Minister,
I take great pleasure to write you this letter out of sheer gratitude and gratefulness; I would like to apologize for the late communication as I was taking care of my Mother and balancing work. As I am writing this, my heart is filled and tears are flowing all because of my deepest heartfelt appreciation for the acts of kindness shown to me, a stranger and fellow Bahamian, and to my ailing Mother Ms. Ena Lucille Higgs, by MP for Central Grand Bahama, Iram Lewis.

Firstly, I would just like to note that I am not writing this at his request or at the directive of anyone else for that matter, nor is this a publicity feat. Given the nature of his role in our current government, I know it is easy for others to misconstrue the kind and honest deeds of persons in power and I just wanted to make myself clear that my intentions are simply to honor the kindness of one stranger to another.

On (September 12, 2017) I had to travel urgently to Grand Bahama, to assist my elderly Mother Lucille Higgs of Seagrape, Eight Mile Rock after receiving a distressing call from my younger brother who stated that our Mother was experiencing severe health concerns that required immediate attention. Not thinking for a second, as I was en route to work, I turned around and boarded the next available plane to Grand Bahama. As I thought the best care would have been for her to return right back to Nassau with me, giving her current circumstances for immediate proper treatment and care and that I had to return for work.

Unfortunately, due to both the unexpectedness and urgency of her situation, my brother was unable to travel along with us to help with the arduous task of carrying our mother throughout the journey. Upon our arrival at the airport in Grand Bahama, I thought my silent prayer for help, was answered just when we happened upon a cousin of mine, who was traveling to Nassau the same time as we were. The trouble was, though he was willing, he was not strong enough to carry my Mother in and out of the airplane without injuring her or himself, leaving me back at square one. Praying and asking for some assistance, as My Mother would have not been able to board the plane.

However, when it was time to board, desperate as I was, I heard a voice saying “let her take her time and go up the steps I am in no hurry” It was the Angel that God sent to help me… without hesitation Mr. Lewis said “Do you need some help? In addition, it was just as if I had won the lottery… euphoria set in. I turned around not knowing it was MP Lewis behind me and near tears, I told him yes, that I needed help with my Mother as she could not walk up the plane and I would not be able to help her.

Without a second thought, he assured my Mother firstly and then me that he was happy to assist. Gently as he could, he lifted her into the plane and placed her in her seat 2A, assuring and comforting her during the entire process as she had begun to cry given to her fear of flying. Tears flowing down my face during the entire plane ride, he looked back at me as he sat in front of me and said that everything will be alright and later introduced me to his lovely wife who was travelling with him, I really wanted you to know that he went above and beyond by also waiting for everyone to de-plane once we arrived in Nassau, and not only carried my Mother off of the plane, but he also waited with her allowing me time to get my car and he once again lifted her and placed her inside. This was incredible and genuine.

I wanted to recognize him and his selfless actions because his small act not only made a trying circumstance much easier for us. He did not draw attention to his doing so, nor did he anticipate a reward of any kind. He was gentle to an elderly woman who not only hates flying, but is also frustrated by her inability to do for herself the way she was once abled too. He calmed her and his willingness to assist provided me with a sense of peace. He reminded me that day that angels do indeed walk among us, and I am thankful that God allowed him to be present in the right place at the right time. My family and I are truly grateful for his discretion, humility and service to a stranger.

As for my Mother, she was admitted to PMH hospital for two weeks, she has a chronic condition of diabetes and hypertension that has confined her to bed, and Mummy has a tumor on her left frontal brain. She is still here with me in Nassau and I doing all that I can to make her comfortable, she has a stage four wound on her right leg and I learnt how to care for her wound, as I cannot take her to and from the clinic without assistance. She is in better spirits now all due to the kindness of a stranger and resting comfortably.

Thank you Mr. Lewis you are a rare GEM.

With heartfelt Gratitude,

~ Tanya P. Dames
Director Operations
Marine Mammal Operations
Atlantis Paradise Island

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