Leave them alone!

Dear Editor,

There are three sets of persons I would like the authorities to leave alone.
1. The little home shops (often of Haitians) who provide us with soft drinks and other necessities at night. What is more important these little businesses are in our immediate communities and neighborhoods. We can often walk to them or send our older children to them. They remind me of the “petty shops” Over-the-Hill in Nassau, New Providence where I grew up.
In these hard times, they are the mainstay of families, because they will also “truss you” until payday.

Leave them alone!!
2. A recent Guardian headline was about a raid on one of the Shantytowns in Nassau. It is not yet August 10th, Mr. Doc. (PM). These Shantytowns are a part of our culture and communities. It is where the poor get their beginnings to become professionals or even prime minister.
Leave them alone!!

3. Then there are the innovative persons who with a cooler and some ice provide cool refreshments and water for motorists at the corners and stop lights. So, they don’t have a Port license. Well, neither does the Port since 1992.

Leave them alone!
~ Aaman’Ra
Dr. Melchizedek Methuselah Moss DeGregory (Dr. Roopi)

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