Importance of ‘Roots in the ground’

Dear Editor,

There are so many things happening these days.  In fact, some are happening right before our very eyes.  For instance a recent thing of occurrence was the position of Hurricane Matthew.  In the ravages of its wake it left the green leaves of many tress brown.  Though it was many months ago, much of those brown leaves have changed back to green.  This has happened right before our very eyes.  Mr. Joseph Darville spoke about the land erosion concerning the effects of climate change.

Another matter that has happened in the area of Worker’s House and in the area of the roundabout is the bush fire that changed the leaves on many trees from green to brown.  Though this has happened recently, there has been very much of the returning of the green color to many trees.  It can be sure that as time goes by all the green will be returned to the burnt-out bushes again.  It is just a matter of time.

Many conclusions can come out of this.  One of them is that as long as the roots are still in the ground, the bushes or trees will return to their original position.  It’s the roots in the ground that makes the difference.

It is amazing!  Many of our citizens seemed to have changed their original status.  They seemed to have become citizens of Haitian status.

Do they have their roots in the ground?  The answer is no!  Openly they boast of Haitian extracts and I understand that some openly threaten many throughout the land.  But are their roots in the ground?

Recently there was held a celebration of 50 years of majority rule.  Although many were caught unaware there were “no real roots” afoot.  Where then, is our “real roots”?  Did we go back far enough?  Many feel that The Bahamas was a result of Christopher Columbus.

Research has shown the Bahamians’ true and real identity goes back to Genesis 12 when God called Abram, and made him many promises.  One of the promises he made was ‘…in you Abram all families of the earth shall be blessed.”

~ Cheran Newbold

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