Humane Society of GB disclaims ‘amicable’ link to MOA employee

Dear Editor,

We would like to comment and clarify a few points with regard to the article in Friday’s (31 August) paper titled “Acting Warden Shares MOA Animal Care Unit Responsibilities”.

The article makes it appear that the Humane Society of Grand Bahama (HSGB) has an amicable working relationship with Ms. Lockhart, which is patently untrue.

The HSGB has been working diligently for 50 years on Grand Bahama without a penny of support from Government. We have removed tens of thousands of unwanted, abandoned or abused animals from the streets and from the homes of neglectful pet owners. We have rehomed as many as possible including over 4,000 sent to responsible rescues and homes abroad in the last 15 years. We have spayed and neutered, mostly at no cost to the public, many more thousands of animals in the last 20 years.

We certainly wish to work in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture to continue this work, and indeed we have assisted by taking in the animals they began bringing to our shelter in January of this year. From January of this year through the end of August, the Department’s driver has brought 74 animals to our facility, with no recompense from the Department, which is an extra financial burden to our already strained budget. During that same period HSGB staff either picked up or accepted an additional 761 animals. Each animal taken in costs the HSGB an average of $625 (food, medication, staff and overhead).

The HSGB is a registered non-profit organization, and the majority of our funding comes from donations and fund-raisers. In these difficult economic times, it is more of a struggle than ever before. We would be grateful for Grand Bahama residents to donate what they can, whenever they can; no amount is too small.

~ Sincerely yours,
Humane Society of
Grand Bahama
Board of Directors
and Management

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