Full respect for Eucharist advocated

Dear Editor,

I listened to the beautiful Home Going Service of the late Phenton Neymour from Christ Church Cathedral, where a profound.

sermon was rendered by Arch Deacon James Palacious, with factual Anglican Decorum. His topic “Sing Your Song” was laced with his melodious singing.

It was appalling and in poor taste, though, listening to the exuberant commentating from Darold Miller, who is supposed to be a senior journalist.

He didn’t seem to know the protocol of the order of the service.

The situation took away the solemnity from the Eucharist. As a journalist one would of think he would be well versed with the order of service of all denominations. Seeking to interview persons is not proper during the service,

I must commend The Honorable Brensil Rolle in his rebuff of your trying to interview him in the church. Interviews of individuals should be done before, or after the service.

I would suggest to you, Mr. Miller that you meet with someone who knows better and get a clearer understanding of how the decorum and protocol is done in the Structured Churches for your edification.

~ Kelly D. Burrows

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