Commendation for keeping residents ‘Aliv’ during Irma

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to publicly commend Aliv, the country’s newest mobile network, for a job well done before, during and after Hurricane Irma. The Aliv team gave timely updates. Service was technically sound in challenging weather and at every level, the Aliv team showed compassion and commitment for customers and residents throughout The Bahamas.

The hurricane packages presented by Aliv to evacuees from the Southern Bahamas and the early and almost immediate landing on Bimini with relief supplies, enhanced the operation’s reputation, in my opinion.

As a Grand Bahama resident who was able to stay in touch with friends and family during and after Irma, I just wanted to thank and congratulate Aliv for true customer care and community outreach.

~ T. Mackey
Glad to be alive!

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