Bad roadways are a nuisance

The streets of New Providence are filled with potholes. They are everywhere.

Some of them are trenches. If it rains and water fills them you don’t know they are there. Falling in them can cause you a tire or ruin your suspension system.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for keeping the roads in proper condition. I wonder if the staff and leadership there ride the same roads I travel on.

Patching is a simple act. Either the public works staff should do it or private contractors should be hired by the department to do it.

It should not be up to the minister of public works to have to bring the full weight of his office on his department just to get potholes patched. If that’s what is necessary to get it done there is little hope for The Bahamas.

The men and women in our government agencies who have the direct responsibility to look after our state need to step up. We should not have to complain about the state of the roads in the newspapers. Find some asphalt. Get some workers to drive around with it. Patch the potholes! It’s that simple.

We the citizens do not care if they are government workers or private contractors. We are tired of falling in holes as we go from place to place.

~ Yours truly,
Martha S. Greene

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