Attire of MPs called into question

Dear Editor,

I am once again forced to comment based on my observation of our present day MPs, who in my opinion have no regard, respect or are just ignorant and don’t know any better regarding proper attire when attending the Honorable House Of Assembly. Gentlemen, you are leaders in society, where the youth of our country are looking up to you for guardianship and leadership. Your deportment plays a big part in that.

How can you justify going to the hallowed halls of our ancient Parliament in a tan suit as was the case today 18/ 06/2018 of the member for Kennedy, the Honorable “Reuben Rahming” who at Caricom, reportedly rested his hat on the table? Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves looking down at the malaise of what has been brought on us, where these so called Honorable men have thrown standards out the door. But again, do they know what Standards is?

Dark colored suits are the required attire, not light colors, or tan. It’s inappropriate!!!

If you know better, then you do better. Please stop this embarrassment in our society.

~ Kelly D Burrows
Freeport Grand Bahama

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