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“A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

~ Author Unknown

The month of May is usually observed as a time to honour teachers as public and private schools throughout The Bahamas set aside a special week during the month as Teachers’ Appreciation Week. This is a week to show appreciation to teachers for their patience and tireless efforts in educating our children. I am sure that you would all agree that they deserve this week and much more.

As parents, many of us become impatient simply assisting our children with homework one or two hours of the day so imagine what teachers experience dealing with so many children for approximately six hours of the day. They are definitely deserving of honour.

The profession of being a teacher is so admirable. Without teachers, persons in other professions may not have made their accomplishments. It is also common knowledge that teachers’ salaries are not so high on the pay scale when compared to other professions, and it is also a fact that they may never be able to be paid fair dues for all of their hard work and dedication; yet individuals still enter and remain with this profession because of their love and passion for educating children. A teacher’s workday does not always end at 3:00 p.m. Many of them take work home for marking and also spend time at home preparing lessons for the next day. They can never truly be paid for all of the sacrifices they make but we can do our part to assist them and show our appreciation to them. How can we as parents show appreciation to our children’s teachers?

As parents we are ultimately responsible for our children’s lives. However, teachers play a very important role in helping us to rear them. In some cases children spend more time with their teachers during the day than they do with their parents. Many teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to assist the children in their care. I have heard stories of teachers using their already minimal salaries to purchase lunch for students who may not have or school supplies for students.

They also take the time to listen and solve many personal problems their students may face. They are indeed caretakers, counsellors and confidants. Even with all of these sacrifices some teachers make, there are many parents who do not show appreciation to them. Some parents, I am told, do not even know who their children’s teachers are. They do not make time to attend PTA meetings or meet occasionally with their child’s teacher to discuss issues concerning the child. As parents, despite our busy schedules, we should always make the time to meet and talk with our children’s teachers. In showing your concern for your child by meeting with his/her teacher, listening to any concerns or complaints the teacher may have about your child, you can show your appreciation to the teacher by doing your part to help correct any behavioural or educational problems that the teacher may bring to your attention.

Parents can also show their appreciation to teachers by reinforcing what the teacher may have taught. Follow up with your children, discuss what they are taught at school each day, ensure that they study and complete all homework assignments. Another way that we as parents may show appreciation to our children’s teachers is to train and discipline our children at home so that they would in turn be of less problems to their teachers.

How can you as students show appreciation to your teachers? Teachers work hard to ensure that you have a bright future. They are faithful and dedicated to their profession and make many sacrifices in their quest to educate you. They are, therefore, deserving of your respect and co-operation. You may respect your teachers by being mannerly and obeying the rules of the classroom and school in general. Do not be the class clown or think that you have something to prove to your fellow classmates by being disrespectful to your teacher.

Honour them by showing your appreciation for the fact that they are helping you to have a better life. You may also show your appreciation by co-operating with your teachers as they endeavor to educate you, by listening and trying your best to understand what is being taught. Take responsibility for your education by studying and completing all assignments. Have a positive attitude, show that you care about your own life; your education and your future, and your teacher would be more inclined to want to help you. Students, please realize that most people do not have the patience to teach. Be grateful that God has blessed some people with the patience, gifts and talents to impart their knowledge to you. Appreciate them.

Teachers’ Appreciation week is usually set aside to honour teachers in a tangible way by showering them with gifts, thank you cards, lunch etc. However, let us throughout the year show our appreciation to teachers by giving them our support. As parents and students let us all do our part to make their jobs less stressful.

Remember, good teachers are like candles, burning out themselves to light the way for others, and in turn helping us all to have a brighter future, because the present children in our teachers care are tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s therefore show them our appreciation.

Happy Teachers’ Appreciation to all teachers throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

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