Grab your election survival kit

Dr Pamula Mills

Dear Readers,

Given all that is going on in our country today in reference to elections, it is apparent that we all need to stop right where we are at this moment and exhale. While the energy levels and momentum are of the highest gears, so are the negative vibrations and the trash talking; mingled with allegations, speculations, lies, exaggerations, manipulations, coercions and the like. I think we can all use an ELECTION SURVIVAL KIT. Below, you will find the contents of the kit; please unlock and follow the directions.

1. Take a teaspoon of Oxygen, calm down and breathe
2. Take two teaspoons of Common Sense and remember we have had many elections in the past
3. Drink four ounces of Reality and admit that there is life after May 10.
4. Drink a cup of Consciousness and assess your current state. Are you happy with the way things are being done?
5. Sip two cups of Intelligence, gather all relevant information and make informed, fair and honest choices
6. Swallow a half gallon of Pride and go and beg your neighbor’s pardon for refusing to speak to him /her, since you noticed that his/her colour preference was different from yours
7. Take four pills of Humility and recognize that God is still in control
8. Gulp a gallon of Clarity and reflect on the fact that it does not matter who wins the election, you are required to report to work on 11th of May, on time
9. Douse in a bucket of Awareness and pay attention to everything you see and hear. Judge every woman/man by the work s/he has done.
10. Immerse in Prayers and be guided by God’s will and purpose for our country.
We have been through this election process before and will likely go through it again. Let us put on our grown, mature peoples’ clothes and act responsibly. This is to ensure a peaceful and productive transition, for healthy growth and development. After all, red, green, yellow, black and white; they all are precious in His sight …
POINT TO PONDER: Pack your kit and go out and vote.

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