GB residents challenged to maintain compliance

DOWNTOWN DESERTED – This picture (at left) captured a deserted downtown this past Sunday, as residents complied to the lockdown mandate. In the photo at right, during a tour of the island on Sunday, pictures taken depicted the non-trafficked streets. Seen is the four-way juncture, the westerly roadway connecting Freeport to West Grand Bahama. PHOTOS BY FRED STURRUP.


BY FRED STURRUP, FN General Manager/Managing Editor

Thus far, folks living in Grand Bahama have been role models, in adhering to the safety measures mandated for the COVID-19 national emergency.

During the regular curfew hours and on lockdown weekends, residents have been extraordinary, on a collective basis, in complying to safety measures. There is no doubt that the common mindset which prevailed, prioritizing activities; and paying full attention to social distancing; has attributed to the low number of positive cases in Grand Bahama.

As of the official national report on Wednesday, May 6, only eight positive coronavirus cases had been reported for the island. Continuity, of the sensible approach to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, is urged. Particularly, at this time, when Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis (who is now also the Minister of Health), has announced a softening of emergency orders to the extent, whereby many business places are now legally open until 5 p.m., Grand Bahama residents are challenged to maintain the attitude that got us this far, with just a limited amount of positive cases.

There is cause for concern, in that, if the opening of liquor stores causes a slackening of the resolve, of too many residents, then Grand Bahama could experience an up-tick in the amount of positive cases. If this happens, then it would be understandable if Prime Minister Dr. Minnis becomes more conservative with the reopening of the national economy phases.

This would not be good for Grand Bahama.

The island needs more employment, more salaries, more ingredients to jump-start the economy. Those mostly shut down from employment, were workers in the mid-size to small businesses category, the ones that really propel an economy.

The re-start of those type of businesses is very important. Grand Bahama residents ought to recognize the importance of functioning in a manner which enables, the PM and other officials to continue to have confidence that compliance in the emergency orders remains consistent in Grand Bahama.

Stay focused Grand Bahama residents!

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