Wholesome family life advocated

Pro Cathedral of Christ the King Rector Canon Norman Lightbourne.

We certainly support Pro Cathedral of Christ the King Rector, Cannon Norman Lightbourne’s call for a focus on cementing the aspects of wholesome family life, back into societies throughout the nation.

The spiritual messenger made the general appeal while addressing the Judicial fraternity during a service marking the beginning of the official legal year, last Friday. He was, of course, right on point with his concerns. Diluted families throughout the land have made for a very different country, one not benefiting from good morals as was the case in yesteryear.

It seems that many, today, are simply unsure of the principles of right and wrong. In past eras there were no grey areas about what was right or wrong. It was a straightforward situation every time.

When you did something wrong, you knew it. There would be denials in fear of a beating or some other punishment, but children knew when they did wrong. Now, many are not even aware that they are being rude and disrespectful to their seniors when they interrupt conversations; when they speak to their elders as though they are having a conversation with peers; and when they defy parents and guardians.

Indeed, a goodly percentage of Bahamians, particularly the young, apparently have no clue as to how to behave intelligently, sensibly and in a civil manner. Courtesy, politeness, respect are characteristics that were embedded in Bahamians.

Our elders operated in such a fashion and gave us the kind of guidance, albeit sometimes with a cane or a belt, that ensured that we retained the values put in place for us. It was an easy transition in years gone by.

Life has changed in The Bahamas.

Rev. Lightbourne advocates a return to the basic way of life, which all and sundry once experienced here in the country.

We submit, that the return to our former way of life, has to be led by the leaders of society, the Christian leaders; the parents, some of whom frolic with their children in disgraceful social settings; our politicians, who repeatedly send the wrong messages to the young; our teachers who operate with codes that do not build wholesome characters; and equally as significant, the law enforcement agencies, especially the Police.

There is guilt to share around Rev. Lightbourne.

We can vax eloquent about life today and the social downslide but coming to grips with the root of the problem is necessary before we can realistically hope for a societal turnaround.

Rev. Lightbourne is congratulated for bringing the national issue to the forefront, but it must not be left at that. Meaningful, committed follow-ups are required to result in a positive change.

A vested interest is essential.

This problem is personal to everybody.

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