What’s happening with Lucayan deal?

The months have slipped by and the hope that the Government of the Bahamas caused Grand Bahamians to have, regarding the prospective re-opening of the Grand Lucayan Hotel is waning.

Multiple positive statements were made by the government about the deal with the Canadian Wynn group, centered on the purchase of the Grand Lucayan Hotel from Hutchison Whampoa.
Grand Bahamians were emboldened!

Scores of residents, who are steeped in an understanding of the hospitality industry and have been unemployed for lengthy periods, had high expectations. The craft vendors and shop owners who operate in the Port Lucaya Marketplace, felt opportunities would result, sooner than later, with tourists in good numbers visiting the area on a regular basis due to the opening of the hotel.
Taxi drivers were optimistic.

There was in fact, a general eagerness for furtherance of the negotiations between the Wynn Group and Hutchison Whampoa, with our government as an essential third party. Alas, what was hot news last year has phased out. The government has gone silent, regarding the proposed sale of the hotel complex to the Wynn Group.

So, we ask the question Grand Bahamians want an answer to.

What’s happening with the Grand Lucayan deal?

More and more, Grand Bahamians are becoming disillusioned with this central administration. The people of this island are greatly disappointed, in particular, because overwhelmingly, they supported the Free National Movement at the polling stations during the general elections of May 10, last year.

Government members, led by none other than Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis were high profiled when they toured the Grand Lucayan property and gave the impression a done deal was relatively close.
It is looking more and more as the days pass, that hopes held by many would be dashed.
How is it that there has been no update on the proposed deal for such a long time?

Sources have told us that the Wynn Group and Hutchison Whampoa are no closer to a “done deal” than they were last November when negotiations started again on the present government’s watch.
A month earlier, the government had made a purchase offer to Hutchison Whampoa.

The people were never told what was the response to that offer.

In essence, Grand Bahamians have been kept in limbo.

It is high time Grand Bahamians are brought up to date on a matter so important to all.

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