Trouble in GB West PLP camp

PLP OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis

This past weekend, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leader Philip “Brave” Davis and his personal group were not embraced by the organization’s West End Grand Bahama supporters, during a meeting in the area.

A noted source informed that it was not a pleasant occasion for the PLP chief, and further, that long-time party representative in West Grand Bahama and Bimini Obie Wilchcombe, was boosted by an overwhelming demonstration of support by constituents.

It is understood that in no uncertain terms, Leader Davis was told that any attempts to put forth a candidate other that Wilchcombe would be met with full resistance. Davis expressed the view last year that “with few exceptions, it would be imprudent for the party to believe that it can nominate persons who the electorate rejected” in 2017.

Wilchcombe, a repeated representative of the constituency in two Perry Christie administrations, was considered by some to be in the category of “few exceptions” Davis spoke about. However, a movement within the hierarchy of the party, reportedly want Wilchcombe to step aside for another, someone said to go by the name of Astwood.

The Obie faction clearly had the advantage on Saturday past, according to our source.

The situation speaks to a growing concern for Davis.

Will he be able to put together a list of candidates that he prefers for the 2022 general elections?

How many of the individuals of his choice will be turned away by strong-minded branch supporters, who favor the candidate they backed previously.

There was a similar situation earlier this year in the Tall Pines Constituency in New Providence. The loquacious Leslie Miller, he, who is synonymous with the tag “Potcake”, had to rally his forces in Tall Pines to beat back the advances of one with interest in gaining the PLP nod for the area this time around.

“Never happen. I don’t know why there are those in the party who want to go against tradition. It has always been the situation whereby the former candidate, if interested, has been given preference. That’s the way it is and that’s how I look at it. My people want me and I will go forth and seek the PLP nomination again,” said Miller regarding the scenario he dealt with.

Wilchcombe is strong in West Grand Bahama among PLPs. He is a West GB native and despite being vanquished in 2017, is still thought to be the PLP’s best choice for 2022.

There is trouble indeed in the West Grand Bahama PLP camp, but Wilchcombe seems to be weathering the storm rather nicely.

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