Transparency most essential in governance

Dr. HUBERT MINNIS Prime Minister

Transparency was a primary plank of the present prime minister of the country, when he was hard on the campaign trail for two full years leading up to the general elections of 2017.

 Indeed, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis galvanized support to make him the national leader, like few others before him could do. He sounded believable and Bahamians of all political persuasions gravitated to him. The end result was a landslide triumph at the polls for his party, the Free National Movement.

There is no mistaking the fact that the general voting situation was simply, a vote for incumbent Prime Minister Perry Christie or Dr. Minnis. As fate ordained, most voted to allow Dr. Minnis via common practice in Bahamian politics, to make the transition from Official Opposition Leader to Prime Minister.

It was all about transparency for Dr. Minnis on the campaign trail.

These days, he seems a different person.

Either this is indeed the case, or he is prepared now to duck serious scrutiny of how he functions on behalf of the Bahamian people. He had the disastrous experience when he bungled the Oban Energies Heads of Agreement (HOA) signing.

Perhaps because he is running scared, the public knew nothing of the actual signing of the HOA with Disney Land Development Limited, the proposed investor of a cruise port in Eleuthera. We highlighted the importance of transparency in governance before in this space.

From time to time, we will continue to challenge the government regarding transparency.

Other than the Lighthouse Point project in Bannerman Town, Eleuthera, there are national matters much closer to home that the government should be pressured to come clean on, with the people. The view held here is that governments in the past, (as this one is doing now), kept silent on national issues, even when they were not likely to get into trouble.

Mostly, Bahamians just want to know about their very own national businesses. It’s their right.

For instance, the government is closed-lipped about the details being discussed with prospective buyers of the Grand Lucayan. There is no suggestion here that every single meeting should be detailed for the public.

The people should know though, just what the government puts on the table on our behalf.

The people should be given a realistic timeline for the completion and opening of the Fishing Hole Road Bridge. The same should be the case for the administrative center in Eight Mile Rock and the junior high school in Holmes Rock.

Why can’t the government share certain relevant information on the capital projects in Grand Bahama with the residents?

This is not transparency PM Dr. Minnis!

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