Tony Miller looks primed to carry on father’s legacy

Wallace Groves, history verifies, is the father investor of Freeport, the anchor city of Grand Bahama. He was assisted greatly, by Charles Hayward and some others, in particular, to a degree, by a young Jack Hayward.

They crafted an interesting and special free port city that had the potential to be captivating, in hotel investments, other business ventures, entertainment and sports.

Those expectations were handsomely delivered upon by the big three from the era when the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GPBA) excited the entire western region by providing a magical experience, once, one visited Freeport.

The big three were Jack Hayward, Edward St. George and Albert Miller.

For years, the three philanthropic, and business giants guided Freeport and the rest of Grand Bahama, by extension, through blissful years. Then came catastrophic occurrences. Natural disasters, the Hurricane sisters, Frances and Jeanne, struck in September of 2004.

Three months later, St. George died. An epic corporate battle within the GBPA, subsequently ensued and Freeport became transformed, not for the better. Thus, what the three mega contributors to a successful Freeport, and the Groves/Charles Hayward connection had built, was on the decline.

Sir Jack Hayward died in January of 2015.

Sir Albert Miller went on into eternity in August of 2015.

The GBPA accordingly, began an era, with all of the big three having passed.

So, it came to pass that sitting in the Office of the Chairman at the GBPA was Sarah St. George, carrying on the legacy of her father, Edward.

Then, there is Rupert Hayward the grandson, representing the Hayward Estate at the GBPA and projecting the family name.

How about Sir Albert?

Two weeks ago, the new police and fire station, located on Cathedral Boulevard, was officially opened and named in honor of Sir Albert. The Albert Miller Police & Fire Station is a reality and the occasion spoke profoundly to a need for a substantive ongoing presence, a reminder, as with the others aforementioned, of that great national stalwart who hailed from Long Island and became one of the important residents of Grand Bahama.

Who fits the bill?

Rather quietly, oldest son Mark Albert Anthony Miller, has been functioning in a meaningful manner, coordinating some entities of the Albert Miller Estate, but more significantly, expanding in his very own philanthropic role, as a Rotarian and otherwise.

Considering that “Tony”, as he is mostly referred to, is the spitting image of his father, it seems fitting that he looms as the lead figure, carrying on the legacy of one Albert Joel Miller, KCMG, an entrepreneur, humanitarian and nation-builder supreme.

Hopefully “Tony” is up to the challenges of fitting in Sir Albert’s shoes, or at the very least, giving a good effort.

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