A Step Up Lounge recaptures magic

Michael Edwards

There was a time when Freeport was inundated with lounges and bistros. They were exquisite watering holes and locations for delightful food, and social enjoyment. Some of the venues catered to wines and other beverages only. Regarding others, the menu ran from local cuisine to Italian, French, etc. dishes.

It was a grand era in Freeport, known then as the “Magic City” for all the good reasons. The make-up of Grand Bahama today is a far sight from the magical experience, residents and visitors once enjoyed in abundance.

Every so often though, something happens to cause one to recall that wonderful period.

During the recent Christmas Holiday period, businessman Michael Edwards opened ‘A Step Up Bar & Lounge’ in his office building, situated right across from the entrance to Hawksbill on West Sunrise. It’s a distinguished facility, geared for relaxation and comfort with host Edwards and Manager Vincnique Carey, a collective presence always, catering to customers and paying attention to details of quality service.

Though modest in terms of size, the entity is indeed a step up from the ordinary lounge, and, customers will find they get a real pleasant experience in an excellent, mature environment; are provided their favorite beverages; can enjoy smart televisions, free wifi; and if required and reserved, a private cocktail room that seats 12 persons comfortably.

Patrons are allowed to bring cooked foodstuff for the private room and would be asked only to purchase all beverages. Also, for those interested in small parties or like events, packages are available, with the use of an expanded section of the building.

With Grand Bahama on the whole, going through a depressed period, ‘A Step Up Lounge & Bar’ offers a refreshing interlude for residents and visitors alike. The music played is of a great variety, with an emphasis on old school soul/rock n’ roll, standards, the present popular Bahamian calypso-style songs and exciting Caribbean sounds.

In truth, ‘A Step Up Lounge & Bar’ is a direct throwback to the atmosphere provided by the jazz lounges in Freeport during the late 1960s and 1970s. Recent generations, unable to make such comparisons, undoubtedly are able to be a part of something positively different in socializing.

For those who have been fortunate enough to be able to bridge the eras, at ‘A Step Up Lounge & Bar’, social networking in Freeport has come full circle.

The GB Ministry of Tourism should send a team out to examine and feel the essence of the distinctive characteristics offered at ‘A Step Up Lounge & Bar’ which is similar to the Over-The-Hill choice social spots in the capital island of New Providence when the spirit of “Majority Rule”, the holiday celebrated yesterday, was building to a gratifying, successful, turmoil-free social revolution in the land.

‘A Step Up Lounge & Bar’ surely conjures up a lot that is wholesome and indeed, historic.

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