South Fest delights despite weather

Frazette Gibson

Community builder and Local Government Councilwoman Frazette Gibson has crafted, with associates, an excellent product in South Fest. The 2Oth version of the festival braved early winds and rain, including a tornado, to provide a delightful experience for tourists and locals alike.

Gibson, the consummate organizer, was in full bloom, and the support team supplemented her efforts to heighten the status of South Fest. The tornado, early on Saturday morning, toppled tents and equipment on stage, shortly after the musical entertainment began. However, a high level of resilience was demonstrated and the day evolved into a pre-Independence highlight.

For the Williams Town Community, there is a prime project to identify with, annually. The site, this time around was ideal.  Reference is to the enclosed seaside area, adjacent to Island Seas Resort, right at the entrance to Williams Town.

The event was well-organized. The entertainment was excellent. On stage were the Police Pop Band, The Deep South Rake n’ Scrape, and the veteran songster Wilfred Solomon. Bahamas Dance Theatre personnel performed, and there was the Junkanoo flavor added, courtesy of the Platinum Knights. Patrons raved about the food.

It was a good time affair!

There was though, the issue of parking. Gibson acknowledge as much, and it is a safe bet, that given her proactive style, next year there will be ample parking space.

“Parking was a challenge. However, moving forward we are looking at making improvements,” said the chief organizer. Such events present that dimension that reminds all and sundry of the magical period that was once synonymous with Freeport and the wider Grand Bahama island. We encourage community leaders such has Gibson to continue stepping up to the plate to put together enjoyable projects.

A challenge goes out to the island’s parliamentarians to give more assistance to Gibson and others as they strive to produce quality items of mass enjoyment. The Local Government entities in the respective districts should act in kind, also.

In the meantime, we applaud Frazette Gibson and her committee members for a job well done despite the weather issue. The expectation is that South Fest will now go from strength to strength.

South Fest indeed is a wonderful cultural happening.

We look forward to South Fest 2020!

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