Smith’s Point’s sea wall project progressing well

Balancing the uncertain issues surrounding the government, are some laudable ongoing works.

For instance, the sea wall project at Smith’s Point is progressing extremely well. The area is being transformed and by all appearances, when completed, will be one of the great landmarks not just in Grand Bahama, but the entire country.
K. Peter Turnquest, by virtue of his political/government obligations is often on the spot. In this instance though, we compliment him for his vision. The landscape is shaping up nicely, as a result of the excellent work being done by Waugh Construction.

Turnquest, the country’s deputy prime minister and minister of finance, has been the central political figure related to the sea wall project. While in opposition, and brought to the table in discussions because of his Member of Parliament status for East Grand Bahama, Turnquest advanced the idea that the project should be expanded beyond just a sea wall.

When his party won governance, he was better positioned to transform the project. There has been a bit of a push back from residents of Smith’s Point, particularly vendors, who fear their facilities would be obscured by new building elements on the shoreline.

However, when one takes a look at what is unfolding, it becomes clear that the vendors in their present locations might just be able to co-exist wonderfully well with a few shops that would be a part of the plan Turnquest has in mind. Indeed, it appears as though, there will be ample additional space to put in place an exquisite promenade.

A paved or cemented walkway, a few seafront shops, selling a variety of goods, food, souvenirs and the like, would amount to a rather nice seaside mall, that would attract tourists and residents alike, in large numbers.

The project is something that is extremely good for Smith’s Point. The Smith’s Point families are to be highly complimented for a unique collective entrepreneurship over the years, in particular, for the featured “fish fry” Wednesdays. Now, the community is poised to benefit from a really, splendid attraction.

Although the project is months away from completion, Waugh Construction has the shorefront looking amazing. It ‘s a truly beautiful location, overlooking the sea. No doubt, upon completion, all and sundry of the close-knit Smith’s Point community would be justly proud.

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