Smith’s Point project ideal for tourism

The proposed extra dimensions to the Smith’s Point sea wall project would transform the area into a major touristic attraction. According to the two prime movers of the project on behalf of the Government of The Bahamas, the Smith’s Point package will include a promenade and perhaps a one-way street which would allow for additional space for stores which offer a great sea view.

It’s a grand plan, and seemingly doable. K. Peter Turnquest, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance is also the Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama. Iram Lewis is the Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama and has the portfolio of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works. Minister of Works Desmond Bannister has charged Lewis with the responsibility of monitoring the project.

No doubt, what is proposed, the total package is rich and very good for tourism. It would provide a touch of magic to Freeport and the wider Grand Bahama.

Turnquest had a vested interest in the Smith’s Point project when it was just about a sea wall under the previous government. The then Free National Movement representative for East Grand Bahama, Turnquest, according to his claims, had long advocated for something extra to be added to the process, yes, a promenade-type element.

It’s a good idea.

The Freeport News has on a number of occasions focused on the area and its people. We know of the hardships due to the loss of business that the Smith’s Point business folks have had to deal with. With the roadway shut off for several years now, it has been very tough for the restaurants and lounges. The famous Wednesday Night Fish Fry has been diminished. The construction has made the area cumbersome. Many of the Fish Fry faithful have stopped going, because of the inconvenience caused by ongoing works. It’s been an awkward situation.

Our sub-lead story on Wednesday carried comforting words and promises from Turnquest and Lewis. Normally, rhetoric and a lot of posturing come forth from politicians. On this occasion, Turnquest and Lewis seem believable.

We think the proposed “total” project will make a world of a difference, positively, for tourism in Grand Bahama.

We are convinced that if done appropriately, ensuring that marketing, design and tourism experts are involved, the end result could be one of the jewels of the region.

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