Satpal Dhunna still an Oban Energies mystery

Who is Satpal Dhunna?

He is the great mystery of the Oban Energies issue.

The public now knows the name Satpal Dhunna quite well, as it is associated with Oban Energies LLC, a company reportedly based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It is this same company that seeks to establish an oil refinery and storage plant in East Grand Bahama.
Satpal Dhunna is supposedly a high level executive at Oban Energies. Last week, The Freeport News published a full-page ad that had been booked by a New Providence-based agency. We were told that the placement was on behalf and on the direction of Oban Energies.

The add was in general, an appeal to the public to accept the proposed East Grand Bahama project as genuine. Quotes in the ad were attributed to one Satpal Dhunna. There was an element of disrespect for The Bahamian people in a portion of the ad’s content, in our view.
Oban Energies went to great lengths with the full page of reading material to make its case in light of deep concerns expressed by Bahamians, in particular, because no environmental impact assessment (EIA) report of the proposed East Grand Bahama area has been made available.

This same Satpal Dhunna is believed to be the name signed to the Heads of Agreement document by Peter Kreiger. If Kreiger was designated and authorized to sign on “behalf of Dhunna” it didn’t pan out exactly that way. That was mysterious. There was a signature applied but without the normally associated p.p. (per pro or put simply, through the agency of) indicated.

Then, on Sunday, a press release was sent out, purportedly from Oban Energies, on what appeared to be an Oban Energies letterhead, with a logo at the top and the “3801 PGA Boulevard, Suite 600, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410” location information at the bottom.
The statement was supposedly signed by a Satpal Dhunna.

The mystery deepens.

The statement purportedly sent to the Office of the Prime Minister, follows:
“I Satpal Dhunna-President, was authorized and approved by Oban Energies LLC, including, but not limited to its members to sign the original counterparts of the Heads of Agreement for and on behalf of Oban Energies LLC in Nassau prior to my return to London.
“As I was unable to return for the Ceremonial Signing for 19th February, 2018, Peter Kreiger—Non Executive Chairman, attended, under the consent of Oban Energies LLC, including, but not limited to its members, the Ceremonial Signing for and on behalf of Oban Energies LLC.
“Oban Energies LLC, including, but not limited to its members, hereby considers itself bound by the Heads of Agreement and is fully committed to progressing the project in accordance therewith.

“Yours faithfully, Satpal Dhunna.”

The statement amounts to a convoluted bit of wording that omits actually saying outright that Kreiger was given the consent to actually “execute” the signing on behalf of Oban Energies.

The plot thickens even more.

What really needs to happen is for Satpal Dhunna to come from behind the full-page ad and the strange statement, and face questions from the media, during a press conference.

Until then, he will remain mysterious and the proposed Oban Energies deal will be accordingly shrouded in deep mystery.

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