Rev. Dr. Russell takes position on corruption

Keith Russell

A no-nonsense pastor, very well respected in Grand Bahama and outside, has taken a strong position on corruption.

Reverend Dr. Keith Russell who heads the large members-populated First Baptist Church Freeport, went to his Facebook page with a damning communication. Rev. Dr. Russell decried corruption and targeted noted individuals.

In a surprising, and bold move, the Minister of the Gospel took a position he told The Freeport News, is needed, to ensure that going forward, the appropriate messages are sent by leaders in this nation, as in too many instances, their credibility could be questioned.

Why is Rev. Dr. Russell speaking out at this time  on corruption?

Why is he not concerned at all, it appears, that his communication has gone viral in the social media forum and is now one of the hottest topics in the land.

“I Have no fear for doing what I feel was necessary. When it comes to corruption, it must be clearly defined so that so many of those, particularly the youth of the nation, who look to our leaders for guidance, will not be confused, or adopt a corrupt attitude, in the belief that nothing wrong has been done.

“Corruption is deplorable and I have no problem making the call,” said Rev. Dr. Russell.

By stepping forward, Rev. Dr. Russell.l has placed the Grand Bahama Christian Council (GBCC) in an odd position. In this space not too long ago, it was pointed out that the GBCC has an important role to play, in that it must be seen to be taking up arms verbally against all negative traits in our society.

The GBCC ought not be selective as it has been, under several presidents in recent times. To appear to shy away from high profile national matters, so as not to be accused of mashing corns, is not the approach for a credible GBCC to take. We submit that the GBCC will probably issue a statement disassociating it from Rev. Dr. Russell’s Facebook blast.

Will the GBCC actually say that it disagrees with Rev. Dr. Russell, or will the statement be a fence-sitter, playing safe?

This is a tough one for the GBCC to deal with. Rev. Dr. Russell, in his hard-hitting communication, took no prisoners. He did not compromise and said he is willing to face whatever he must, for coming out against corruption.

Over the 24 hours before press time, while some who spoke with The Freeport News, preferred to remain non-committal in addressing Rev. Dr. Russell’s Facebook shocker, a goodly number of others praised him, for as one said, “being prepared to stand up and be counted.”

In general, well-meaning members of the public will probably have a difficult time justifying an attack against Rev. Dr. Russell’s stance against corruption.

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