PM’s national update not comprehensive

Dr. Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister of the Bahamas

The national update given by our prime minister on Monday, was expected to be quite comprehensive. Instead, it lacked substance.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’s presentation was sort of lightweight and carried mostly promises rather than realistic hope for the Bahamian people, in particular, Grand Bahamians, who were not given much, really, substantive to go on.

Pre-campaign promises and those from throughout the one year-eight months in office, were repeated.

The PM sought to point out his governance as the answer to the woes being experienced here in Grand Bahama, rather than include and compliment the vibrant entities that are keeping the island economically afloat while we wait for fulfillment of government promises.

Full credit should have been given to the Industrial Centre, which anchors the employment status in the island; Pelican Bay, Castaways, and Old Bahama Bay Resort properties that lead the hotel industry; successful private businesses that maintain staff member counts, such as The Freeport News; Aliv; BTC; the Grand Bahama Power Company; and of course, the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

PM Dr. Minnis pushed out numbers that indicate the unemployment figure in Grand Bahama has gone down. However, few have indicated that they feel a difference. The pain of unemployment is still particularly severe in Grand Bahama. The number of Grand Bahamians reaching out to The Freeport News for jobs, has not decreased. We can say that much, with full authority, and credibility.

If you are speaking in depth about employment opportunities and investment in Grand Bahama, Mr. PM, what about an update of significance about the proposed Oban Energies oil refinery/storage project?

He was long on promises, for sure.

“We are making progress on the Bahama Bay resort and residential development, the former Ginn Sur Mer.  This development will include 173 condo-hotel units, a marina, and a smart city.

“We are on track to sell the Grand Lucayan, the temporary purchase of which was absolutely necessary for the economy of Grand Bahama.  Thankfully, the economy of Grand Bahama is recovering through new tourism projects and our ambitious program to establish the island as a technology hub.”

Of course, the truth is that the advancement of technology has not been as expected, according to a GIBC Digital spokesman.

Yes, the PM continues with his promises.

His national update was disappointing, to say the least.

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