PM’s decisions questionable

It is less than a year that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has been in charge of the governance of this country. Staunch supporters of Dr. Minnis, who believed him to be easily the best alternative to former Progressive Liberal Party Leader and Prime Minister Perry Christie, are shaking their heads at some of the decisions he has made.

We wonder about the advice he is being given. He really ought to be very careful of such advice givers.
The public declaration about his intent to push for salary increases for members of parliament was ill advised. The public would have understood if he had indicated the same interest in nurses and others who provide essential services. Then, there was the bold statement regarding persons living in this Bahamas illegally. He set a time line of December 31, 2017, that was not practical at all.

Dr. Minnis, along with a large percentage of the Free National Movement Government members in the House of Assembly appeared to defend Speaker of the House of Assembly, Halson Moultrie, when he was clearly out of order and uncharacteristically personal for a person of that dignified position. Indeed, in railing from his high chair of authority against opposition members, Moultrie was bitterly personal, far outside of the dignity of the Office of Speaker.

Yet, Dr. Minnis and others showered him in that instance with praise.

On top of the aforementioned, our prime minister then presided over a major meeting whereby the Heads of Agreement was supposed to be signed between the Government of The Bahamas and Oban Energies, regarding a proposed oil refinery and storage plant in East Grand Bahama.

To be diplomatic, we say only that there was a great discrepancy regarding one signature applied to the HOA. There was our prime minister, sitting before the world through the avenues of technology, being a party to that scenario. It was sad and not a good moment for the country.
Who is advising PM Dr. Minnis?

Who are they he now looks to for advice on national affairs?

He is not looking good at all. Too many decisions being made by him are highly questionable. On his watch, there are some developments that are of grave concern to many of those who had high hopes.
The time is ripe now, for Prime Minister Dr. Minnis to speak to the nation again and sort out some matters. He needs to touch up his executive in chief image. Whether he believes it or not, his image is taking a beating.

We say, that at this time, the PM would be wise to, at the very least, listen to the noise in the market.

He would then get a better feel for what the people are really thinking, rather than take for granted the information given him by some who openly rejected him as a good choice for national leadership.

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