PM Minnis gets doctors’ “OK”

The country’s chief executive, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is expected to be back in office on Monday, attending to the people’s business.

The Cabinet Office has informed the general public that the surgery to remove a cataract from his eye went quite well and doctors have signed off on his “cleared status” to return to work. We know that he will see that which is before him, more clearly and a nation should benefit.

There is a whole lot on his table

We join the many who have extended best wishes to PM Dr. Minnis, and it is our hope that his dealing with the national issues that confront him will go, as did his successful surgery.

Immigration; the Integrity Commission; the debate over the decriminalizing of marijuana; Grand Bahama’s economy; a Treasury that is not robust and remains severely taxed to process government salaries, all of them, on a timely basis; shanty towns throughout the country; the Water and Sewerage Corporation theft investigation; and marital rape are all pressing matters of national concern, he is looked to, for the appropriate leadership.

How has Dr. Minnis being doing as leader of the country?

Well, it’s been a relatively short period, only since May 10 of last year, just about eight full months. The leadership growing pains, he has not avoided. There have been misstatements and botched statements. He has seemed insensitive and to some, uncaring. In a national address he acknowledged the shortcomings that have plagued him and pledged to do better.

A positive, in our view has been the firmness demonstrated by Dr. Minnis. A strong, rock solid leader is always best. He also remained true to a sacred promise to bolster the inner cities, to bring the less affluent residents and the struggling businesses more into the mainstream of growth opportunities.

Here in Grand Bahama, perhaps he faces his greatest challenge. It will take a lot to revitalize this island, economically. Yet, that is what Dr. Minnis promised. Accordingly, the people of this island will accept no less.

So indeed, there is much work for the man to do. We believe his heart is in the right place. He wants to give those Bahamians who are hard-pressed to survive, a chance to get their heads above water.

It’s a tall order.

Let’s see if he has the capacity.

In the meantime, hopefully his recovery is full.

Best wishes for the rest of 2018 and beyond PM.

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