PM Dr. Minnis patronizing over Cabinet shuffle

It’s one great big stretch for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to say that “my Cabinet Ministers have performed exceptionally well.”

Can he really say with a straight face that they have all been uncommonly good, extraordinary in handling their previous portfolios?

We hold the view that he is patronizing and does not believe, with the exception of Renward Wells (moving from Agriculture and MarineResources to Transport an Local Government), that they have been all that.

One aspect he spoke of cannot be logically refuted. The changes do mean opportunities for exposure and experience in other sectors. However, we have been told that in several instances, the exits are being considered refreshing and celebrated, by workers in the respective ministries.

In the cases of Lanisha Rolle, moving from Social Services and Urban Development to Youth Sports and Culture; Pintard from Youth, Sports and Culture to Agriculture and Marine Resources and Frankie Campbell from Transport and Local Government to Social Services and Urban Renewal, they have an opportunity to polish their ministerial status.

The three have had issues that did not show them to be “exceptional” as ministers in the previous portfolios. Without a doubt, the PM reserves the right to change around his Cabinet whenever and to the extent, he chooses.
We think, generally, the moves were good at this time. His government has been receiving a lot of hits. In fact, the Dr. Minnis Government has been operating in a manner that has left many questions and concerns, regarding issues of high national importance. Somewhat of a new look to the government could be the prescription the doctor ordered.

Out of the lot, changed around by PM Minnis, Wells has evolved as a rising star in the political arena and in parliamentary circles. He has been quite solid as the Government Leader in the House of Assembly and he moved smoothly through his tenure as the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources.

He is a hands-on operator and no doubt, will bring that same approach to Transport and Local Government. There are some heavy transport issues before the government as well as Local Government. As for the latter, the inclusion of New Providence into the national Local Government mix is an item, previous central administrations have dodged.
That matter is on the table for Wells. He is proactive and the belief here is that he will effectively deal with the Local Government transition for New Providence.

So, there has been a shuffle, or a shake-up as some called it, within the government.

Hopefully, a lot that is positive will flow out of the decision by the prime minister.

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