PM Dr. Minnis’ media relationship worsens

Our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis and Donald Trump, the United States President, have at least one factor in common. Neither has a generally, respectful relationship with the media.

The chief executive of The Bahamas has spoken to media personnel as though he thought them to be silly. His counterpart in Washington, calls the media the “Enemy of the People.” So, there is this similarity regarding Trump and Dr. Minnis that is unsettling, not complimentary and downright unbecoming of persons of the highest office in the land.

Quite frankly, when all of the comments by Trump and Dr. Minnis are digested, one might think of both of them as the ones acting out of sorts, crabby, and disagreeable at times, rather than the media.

So, it came to pass, when faced with a serious question about national issues, this time regarding the union uprising in the country, PM Dr. Minnis segued into talking about Junkanoo and his beloved Saxons.

How odd?

No wonder those of the media continue to be puzzled by the acts and deeds of Trump and Dr. Minnis. His strange response eventually caused him to endorse the release of a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister, seeking to defend his position, by passing off the Junkanoo comment as a “light-hearted moment.”

The statement was convoluted. It was a complicated, tangled attempt to give balance to yet another instance of our prime minister misspeaking.

Members of the union fraternity are concerned more, these days, about being able to exist comfortably, in many cases merely adequately, rather than what’s happening with the Saxons or any other Junkanoo group.

We are in serious times.

Many Bahamians, unionists and others, are in distress, with no time at all for lighthearted moments.

It is understood that people in positions of leadership, in particular, the high offices, ought to be careful at all times that their spoken words do not insult, disrespect, or hurt others. Without a doubt, Dr. Minnis needs some lessons regarding interaction with the media. He is often off base with his spoken words.

Interjecting his relationship with the Saxons and Junkanoo into serious national issues is not the way to go. He sounded trivial in the face of heavy national concerns.

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