PLP mounting national charge

It seems the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has slipped into campaign mode. Beginning in January, PLP Leader Philip Davis began engaging communities in New Providence and other areas of the country, inclusive of Grand Bahama.

Davis is leading a perpetual attack on the governing Free National Movement and its leader, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. The plan, it appears, is to keep the verbal assaults ongoing. It is a strategic approach.
Now, being suspended from the House of Assembly for the next two sessions, it looks like Davis and his colleagues are going all out to seek sympathizers from the general public.

Last evening Nassau Village in the capital island New Providence was the initial target of the PLP in this aggressive program. It is understood that regularly, now, the PLP will proceed with campaign-type meetings throughout New Providence and plan similar outings for the Family Islands.

With full knowledge of the mindset of the electorate, sources inside the PLP ranks have informed that this is the time to begin capitalizing on the government’s inability to fulfill the many promises made while on the last general elections campaign trail and after coming to office on May 10 of 2017.

The Bahamian voters indeed do not seem to have allegiance to any party. Interestingly enough, this same PLP that was rudely ousted by the voters not too long ago, is now focusing on galvanizing support from those who were very unhappy with the governance provided not too long ago.

Davis and his fellow PLPs are counting on the electorate having a very short memory, come 2020.
Interestingly enough, the PLP might be better off “taking their brand of Parliament” to the streets. They are calling it the “show on the road.” In the House of Assembly, they are badly outnumbered 34-4 (not counting Speaker Halson Moultrie) and without any hopes of winning debates, or being persuasive
The PLP might be on a solid wicket with the road show.

Its four MPs will get to speak at length to an eager public, many of whom are still distressed and looking for someone to blame. The FNM House of Assembly Members and the governing senators could speak as much as they like, to the shortcomings of the PLP when it was in power. At this point in time, the people are not particularly interested in what the PLP did. They want to know what the FNM will do to make life more comfortable for them in their country.

So, in a strange turnaround, rather quickly, we say, the FNM politicians must be very careful. They ought to guard against getting boxed in on national issues and finding themselves constantly on the defensive.
While back peddling, they would not be able to give good governance.

In such a case, beware of the voters’ wrath in 2020!

There is a good bit of time to go.

We advise the FNM to be in a state of awareness.

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