PLP in denial about support level in GB

Leading up to the general elections of 2017, The Freeport News, in this space, gave an accurate assessment of the political mood of the voters in Grand Bahama. Generally, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) fostered an unenviable situation, whereby the government at the time, was out of touch with the vast majority of the people in Grand Bahama.

When the voting was done on May 10 of 2017, the concerns of the electorate resulted in a collective demonstration of no-interest in the continued governance of the Progressive Liberal Party Government.

The signs were clear then.

Nothing much has changed regarding how the PLP is perceived here in Grand Bahama. We pointed out as much in a recent editorial and the PLP immediately went into a denial mode. A statement reportedly issued by the “Chairman of the PLP” was brought to our attention. The communication took exception to the position expressed in the said editorial, that the PLP brand is presently quite weak in Grand Bahama. (Fred Mitchell is the PLP Chairman).

There is absolutely no vibrancy about the PLP.

There is no one who the public at large can outright identify as the leader in Grand Bahama for the PLP.

At best, the PLP visibility is minimal. This is the reality of the situation. PLPs are questioning the lack of a meaningful presence of the PLP in Grand Bahama. Yet, the PLP Chairman, according to the release, claims The Freeport News is irrelevant.

The PLP touts having a lot of dedicated supporters in Grand Bahama. Seemingly, in reference to a recent joint branch meeting that seemed not to foster any lasting zeal, the statement said the following:

“If the PLP wanted to bring out its supporters in Grand Bahama, it could have, but no one is interested in that right now.”

That’s quite an interesting approach for a party in opposition to take. Perhaps it is such a mindset that has the PLP disengaged for the most part, and the brand looking very weak.

Well for the record, the PLP was irrelevant on May 10, 2017. Voters from all five constituencies went against the incumbent government. As a result, only the Free National Movement represents Grand Bahama officially in the House of Assembly. The PLP was the party of irrelevance on that day.

By all appearances, the situation remains that way.

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