PLP convention at hand, party unity appeal made

PLP OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis

On July 25, this coming Thursday, the Official Opposition, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will go into a two-day convention, at Melia Hotel, on the West Bay Strip in New Providence.

Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis has made the call for unity. He has also given the indication that he wishes for the main slate, his, to face no challenges. This is contrary to earlier comments which welcomed all who wanted to vie for portfolios in the oldest political party in the country, and, the one that has governed more than any other.

Davis might not get all that he wishes.

Although he has not confirmed such, former Attorney General Alfred Sears might seek the  leadership position and former two-time Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe is said to be set to go after incumbent Fred Mitchell for the chairmanship. Heading into the convention, the normal campaigns are going on within the party, and, factions have evolved with their respective agendas.

It’s good for the PLP that there are no signs that the convention will be contentious. There will be some who will be forceful in making their presentations, others, in putting tough questions to the floor for the leader to address, but all in all, the PLP today, is the party of Philip “Brave” Davis. It is highly unlikely that, even if Sears challenges him, the top leadership status will change in the PLP.

The PLP will be as steady as he, Davis, goes.

This is an important convention as it might be the last for the party before it goes fully into the 2022 election campaign. Neither of the two main political parties, the governing Free National Movement nor the PLP has been consistent in holding conventions at least every two years. So, it figures that Davis will want to get a lot of work done next weekend.

His primary focus is on unity. That will be his theme at convention.

Davis is concentrating on rallying the troops.

“Everywhere I go, I see great talent and optimism and I see Bahamians ready to do the work. We all know that sitting still is not an option. If you’ve have been supporting us silently, please start coming to branch meetings. We want to hear you voice. If you have been coming to branch meetings, start bringing your cousins and your aunts, your uncles and your co-workers, so we can include and hear from more people.

“This has always been a party of the people and nothing makes me feel more optimistic about our future than when I travel around and see PLP branches up and ready and in fighting form,’ said Davis recently.

The PLP Leader might wish to focus more on Grand Bahama in that regard. Having lost all five seats, the PLP branches in GB have a lot of work ahead.

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