Obie Wilchcombe re-emerging as West GB candidate


Former two-time Minister of Tourism and multiple Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, Obie Wilchcombe, has re-emerged and appears to be making an early push towards the general elections of 2022.Wilchcombe is scheduled to be the special speaker at a branch meeting of the Progressive Liberal Party at the Martin Town Primary School this coming Sunday, beginning at 5 p.m. Wilchcombe’s re-appearance on the political scene in a significant manner is interesting and indicates the hierarchy of the party has backed away from the position that those who lost in the last elections would not be considered as candidates for 2022.

From the mouth of the Progressive Liberal Party Leader, Philip Davis, doubt was expressed that the Bahamian electorate would be prepared to accept in 2022, candidates rejected in 2017. Earlier this year, Leslie Miller blasted party insiders who were promoting the idea of ruling out defeated candidates in 2017 from being nominees for 2022.

He was heavily critical of the encroachment in certain constituencies by those desiring to seek candidacies in the upcoming general elections. He is adamant about following the party tradition of giving preference to incumbent candidates. Accordingly, he has started his campaign for 2022 in the Tall Pines Constituency of New Providence.

With Wilchcombe surfacing, it is clear the PLP will be offering the voters a mix of veterans and newcomers.

In Wilchcombe, the PLP has an astute politician, and one of the best communicators in the country’s political history. He is also best suited to network with all generations of voters on behalf of the PLP. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the Sunday meeting.

 The PLP is a weak political brand these days. The party was completely shutout just two years ago, losing all five seats here in Grand Bahama. Presently, very little seems to be happening for the PLP on the ground.

The PLP is not a vibrant entity at all.

Wilchcombe has the political savvy to make a positive difference for the party on this island, for sure. We hold the view that he has the capacity to revitalize the PLP in Grand Bahama.

Whether he has been assigned to the challenging task of connecting the greater number of voters to the PLP once again, we don’t know at this time. This Sunday though, could be when he rolls out the new PLP order in Grand Bahama.

At the very least, like him or not, Obie Wilchcombe in the political arena, is a force.

He trots out on Sunday.

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