No update provided on UB North Campus

UB North Campus

The Freeport News investigated the grounds of the University of The Bahamas North Campus, Grand Bahama East, and found the complex still severely compromised.

Both the main education centre and the dormitory building were badly damaged by Hurricane Dorian, which exited this island on September 3, after several days of destruction. On Monday past, The Freeport News was on the ground and can inform that there was no evidence of meaningful recovery activities.

A lot of rubble and debris could be seen around both buildings, but such is how it was more than a month ago. This is a major educational arm in Grand Bahama, which has been beneficial to students from other parts of the country, and yet, little is known about the plans for restoration. The complex is there, in a derelict condition, with absolutely no signs of attention.

Two vehicles sat on property. One of them was occupied by a security guard.

Indeed, the state of affairs at the UB North Campus is a direct indication of the long road to recovery, Grand Bahamians face.

We thus, put it to the government that positive recovery attention to prominent facilities is a great way to encourage and give hope to residents of an island in a deepening economic crisis, with many of its people depressed.

If a major clean-up effort was obvious, the spirits of all who observe would be lifted.

Where is the Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, the constituency in which the UB North Campus sits? MP K. Peter Turnquest, other than being the parliamentary representative for the area, is also the one who holds the nation’s purse strings, as the Minister of Finance.

There has not been an update from him, and, it’s now more than three months post-Hurricane Dorian.

What about the University of The Bahamas hierarchy? The president and the board have not given any concrete information as to the immediate future of the UB North Campus.

Exactly what are the plans?

What is the degree of damage to the two buildings?

Are they structurally damaged the extent, whereby the repairs will take many months?

Will the restoration be two-fold, or a single focus on the main education center?

How are the former students being accommodated?

In general, what’s on the drawing board for the UB North Campus and its family?

Out of courtesy and obligation, communications that relate to the UB North Campus, going forward, should have been given in details. Such information is long overdue.

This matter should be addressed in short order.

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