New order in politics

There is a new political order in the country. Earlier this week, maiden presentations by newcomers to the House of Assembly, demonstrated clearly that there is a new order of politics in the country. We see Rueben Rahming as a prime example as to why it will no longer be business as usual in politics.

This new group of young politicians Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis recruited, appears to be of meaningful substance, but controlled in deliberations. Rahming, the Member of Parliament for the Pinewood Constituency in New Providence. like others, brings a refreshing dimension to the House of Assembly.

The Government Whip is an element of the Westminister System. However, Prime Minister Dr. Minnis, nor any of his Cabinet Ministers will have the luxury of moving matters in the House of Assembly that run counter to what the new breed parliamentarians thinks is needful for their constituents.

While other addresses by the new politicians emphasized a strong focus on bettering the lives of their constituents, it is the view here that Rahming was most compelling in that regard. Without any reservations Rahming made it known that at all costs he would encourage the government to stand by its commitments to the Bahamian people.

“I’m here today, just to remind our people of the commitments that we have made already. When we read our Speech from the Throne, that is truly a document that is reflective of what we aspire and what we will accomplish as a government moving forward; it is not something that should be taken lightly at all. We must go and focus and rebuild the value that makes us unique as a Bahamian people.”

There is an underlying message that it will not be business as usual and indeed that Rahming and others will be insistent on their government living up to the promises made to the people.

Rahming was not grandstanding. Very soon after he began his presentation, it became clear that Rahming was motivated by his strong desire to heighten the opportunities for Bahamians to have better lives.

His concentration was for sure, on the Pinewood Constituency, but no doubt the wider Bahamas is of great interest.
We are impressed to see the change that is going on in politics. It’s early yet and there is the possibility, as has been the case before, for the young gung-ho politicians to be gradually brought in line or kept in check.

One gets the feeling though that Rahming and others will be different.

There is a new order in politics.

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