MP Lewis guides relevant projects for communities

IRAM LEWIS, Member of Parliament, Central GB

Often, the political arena is not a comfortable place for those elected, and, who become responsible for national governance. Much is expected of them and they are held to the highest of standards. It is customary that they face criticism. We, on occasions are very critical of them, from the prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, right on down the line, depending upon the circumstances.

We submit therefore, that when politicians do something worthy of a salute, we highlight their good deeds.

Today, we applaud Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama, Iram Lewis, for going outside of his jurisdiction to put in place noteworthy community projects. It is commendable that he is of such a mindset, and, recognizes that there are those who need help in health care, beyond his constituency boundaries.

The MP is the catalyst for a new island-wide health initiative. He recently spearheaded a drive to solicit hospital gowns, wheelchairs and medical instruments for the island’s major health facility, the Rand Memorial Hospital.

The West Grand Bahama Wellness Mission is a reality.

“The health of a nation is the wealth of a nation. We have formed a committee and has been getting supplies and equipment as well, to render service and to support local health facilities and nursing homes. This initiative is something that we have been working hard on. We understand the importance of medical support because often there is a shortage,” said MP Lewis.

Then, there is the massive clean-up campaign in Eight Mile Rock. In both instances, Lewis is networking with key individuals and government agencies to fulfill the mandate of the projects. Regarding the clean-up program, Chief Health Care Inspector Bertha McPhee-Duncanson had this to say:

“We encourage persons in the district, to refrain from indiscriminately disposing garbage. We encourage you to take your derelict vehicles to recycling depots and to safeguard your premises from garbage accumulation. We try to work with communities but we have to enforce the law. We have done clean-up campaigns on many occasions and two days later, you visit those areas and they are either worse than they were, or just as bad.”

Well said!

The Freeport News featured the two extremely fine gestures of MP Lewis and his associates, with details. All of the personnel directly connected to the initiatives, were noted. It is to their credit as well, island health care services will now be enhanced, and also, that an immediate pristine approach will be taken to the respective areas earmarked for the clean-up campaign in Eight Mile Rock.

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