MP Iram Lewis puts Hunters in spotlight

Year after year, Members of the House of Assembly get funding, upwards of $100,000, for the development of their constituencies. In many cases, at the end of each year, very little is seen that is evidence of $100,000 or even a quarter of that amount.

That is why it is so gratifying to see what Iram Lewis, the Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama, has accomplished within the first year, in his constituency. The dilapidated YMTA building in Hunters has been restored, transformed into an excellent dimension of the government’s new technology culture in Grand Bahama.

Our lead story on Monday informed of the official reopening, which took place on Saturday. Hunters is one of the many unassuming communities, spread out across the archipelago of The Bahamas, inhabited by humble people who don’t ask for very much, desiring only to be paid attention to. For the most part, they only want there to be an awareness that they exist.

It is, in such a community setting that Lewis led an initiative we hope establishes a trend. With smart computer service, a focus on education, recreation and sports, the YMTA now livens up Hunters and provides proof of the funding advanced to MP Lewis, being put to excellent use.

Lewis’ devotion to his constituents should be emulated. Other than making the YMTA substantive again in the community, the occasion was also used to showcase three stalwarts of the settlement. Reference is to Wheatley Grant, Fletcher Lewis and Bernard Russell.

Lewis is indeed shaping up quite well as an MP.

“I believe that one of the greatest requirements from God, is that we are to serve our fellowman. One of the commitments that I made during my campaign was that I recognized that there was an imbalance in Grand Bahama. We, the real old Grand Bahamians, abandoned our homes and we went into the City of Freeport. When the City of Freeport bottomed out, Grand Bahamians had really little to fall back on. I believe that to create balance in Grand Bahama, we must start at the foundation and the foundation are those small communities, the West End, the Hunters, Lewis Yard, William’s Town, High Rock, Freetown,” said Lewis according to the article.

For him, clearly, it’s all about empowerment of the folks of the less affluent communities.
We like MP Lewis’ outlook.

He works.

He accomplishes.

There are those who do a lot of talking and the talk sounds good. The Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama focuses on actually providing proof of something substantive, having been done.
The YMTA in Hunters is a case in point.

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