McAlpine admittedly in political limbo

REV. FREDERICK MCALPINE, Member of Parliament for Pineridge

The Free National Movement family for the most part, and its leader Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis are not concerned about Pineridge Member of Parliament Rev. Frederick McAlpine. It’s no matter to them, what he decides to do.

 He can officially quit the party, as did Centerville MP Reece Chipman, last week, or stay and be ignored. What is he willing to accept? He can stay within a group and be scorned, or leave, like Chipman and be free to expand the mission he has indicated is about the people as a priority, over party.

 The loquacious and defiant MP’s statements in the aftermath of Chipman’s announcement have been interesting. On the one hand, he supports Chipman’s decision.

 “I support Mr. Chipman. I think he is an honorable gentleman, and he has gone as far as he can go with regards to the Free National Movement. He has his reasons and quite frankly, I understand his reasons, and I wish Mr. Chipman all the best with his future endeavors and I support him 100 percent,” said McAlpine.

 Chipman has been at odds with the FNM Government on a number of national issues. He became a pariah within the FNM ranks, just like McAlpine. The reverend parliamentarian insists he is on the same page with Chipman.

 Yet, he stays in the FNM.

 “I don’t know what the future holds, but for now, I’m going to stay within my party because I’m trying to make changes within. I think I’m here to hold my party accountable and to continue to show them the error in their ways. I’m a preacher, so I guess I just believe in the fruit of the spirit, long suffering and patience, and so I will continue to strive and to go in that direction until I can go no longer,” reportedly, stated McAlpine.

 His outlook is difficult to follow. It’s convoluted.

 The rank and field FNM, led by the higher echelon, has long distanced itself from McAlpine. They ignore him. They act as if he is a non-entity. They don’t care for him. He is not included in special meetings of the FNM. He has been asked to leave if he is so unhappy with the direction the party is going.

 Still, he stays on.

Is he a glutton for punishment? Does he like being dismissed?

 Is he of a mind to somehow get back in PM Dr. Minnis’ good books, as one of the “four dissidents” seemingly has?

 McAlpine appears to have hit a wall. If he stays, he will find that people think of him as being less and less relevant.

 If he leaves, then in his own words, he would “no longer have to worry” about being respectful to the FNM and politically correct.

 Which will it be Rev. McAlpine?

 Limbo it is, for now.

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