Maverick dump issue should be addressed

Maverick dumping

Referring to the huge dump site in South Bahamia, exposed by The Freeport News,Bahamas Services Company Limited representative, Donald Archer’s explanation begged the question as to whether the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), through its City Management Department, is ensuring the appropriate monitoring process of the island’s environment.

The GBPA’s Troy McIntosh, who is the point person at the City Management admitted not knowing anything of   the unsightly dump site. He reportedly said something very interesting, in particular: “We would not be readily aware of that (the dump site in question).

Well, isn’t City Management that entity which is supposed to monitor the environment for the GBPA?

Is it just fine for anybody, any company, on their own initiative, to develop a dump site?

No wonder Freeport continues to lose the pristine quality that made it so special, so magical, once ago.

Lou Carroll, who heads Sanitation Services Limited, which does such an excellent job with the island’s official landfill operation, claimed also to know nothing of Bahamas Services’ dump site.

“We are dumping, mainly shrubbery from the golf course and our intention is to eventually cart it away. The reason (we are doing this) is that with the amount of debris that we have in the area, due to the recent hurricane it was just a quick exercise to dump it on the site, for the time being. Our intention is to eventually cart it away a to the landfill,” he said

Archer, according to the lead article in The Freeport News on Thursday morning past.

It is just fine, for a dump site to be established, unofficially? What if other companies and individuals begin developing dumping areas, indiscriminately? There would be environmental chaos. We really think Archer did not see the dump site as something out of order. It is, though. The problem has been exacerbated because members of the general public have been dumping their waste and discarded items as well.

As a rule, citizens and company heads are constantly encouraged to take material they no longer want, to the official island landfill, controlled, very well by Carroll. We have the most efficient landfill, by far, in the country, and one that compares very favorably with others throughout the world.

We doubt Archer just arrogantly authorized the development of the dump site in question. In principle, however, private dump sites cannot be allowed. Our landfill serves the purpose for island dumping and that’s where waste should be deposited.

This surely is a matter that the GBPA, through City Management, should address. The message needs to be quite clear to all and sundry. The landfill managed by Carroll, is where all dumping ought to take place.

All maverick (unorthodox and independent) dumping must be discouraged.

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