Interesting FNM developments

We pay no mind to the social media propaganda that has centered around Brent Symonette, reportedly, seeking to gradually undermine the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The rumor mill has it that there is a similar building force from within the FNM, against Dr. Minnis, akin to what transpired for much of the time leading up to the May 10 general elections. If the FNM had lost, there is no doubt that the forces against Dr. Minnis would have been too great for him to hold on.

He might have decided to just back away.

Now though, he is entrenched as the nation’s chief executive and while we had not given much credence to what has been communicated via the social media, we nevertheless are very aware of an interesting development.

Recently, former FNM Leader, and minister in the Cabinet of Hubert Ingraham on three occasions, Tommy Turnquest, reportedly, publicly called for fire to be kept at the feet of Dr. Minnis.

It’s an unprecedented step in politics. It is our strong view that Turnquest would never have had to guts to say the same regarding Ingraham.

What does he really mean?

Why was it necessary for Turnquest to make such a statement?

It’s not as though Dr. Minnis is performing so terribly as prime minister.

Far from it! Thus far, he has actually been doing an above average job.

Then, on the heels of Turnquest’s highly interesting comment, his mentor Ingraham reportedly came out and attacked the Commercial Enterprise Bill that the Dr. Minnis’ Government has touted and which was passed in the House of Assembly last Wednesday. Apparently, Ingraham is now a genius regarding commerce. We hasten to point out that their backgrounds do not put Ingraham above Dr. Minnis in that regard.

There is a political thread that we advise Dr. Minnis to stay with an awareness of. Turnquest and Symonnete were opposed to his leadership during the run-up period to the elections. They were considered ardent supporters of Loretta Butler-Turner.
Ingraham, earlier on, was thought also to be in favor of Butler-Turner over Dr. Minnis. Of course, when it became clear that no matter what was thrown at him, Dr. Minnis would survive and lead the FNM into the general elections, there was a distinct backing off by certain parties.

Is there still though, a deep rooted feeling that Dr. Minnis ought not be where he is?

One would think that even if he felt a certain way, Ingraham would not go public. It is not usual for past leaders to be so forthcoming and critical of a decision made by the party they once led, unless something is quite egregious.
We see the Commercial Enterprise Bill as something worthy of a national discussion for sure, but not so shocking that Ingraham would publicly go on the attack.
It looks like he bears watching.

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