Home ownership concept plausible

A noted Grand Bahama contractor was making a lot of sense during a recent interview with The Freeport News when he spoke to the worthiness of a “Rent To Own” housing program.

At the very least, builder Michael Edwards has opened a discussion. Indeed, there needs to be public dialogue about the South Bahamia Housing Project. Certainly it cannot be legitimately refuted that the situation is ripe for an update by the present government.

As he has demonstrated the capacity to speak to important island issues, it stands to reason that Senator Kwasi Thompson, the Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister in Grand Bahama, will have a response. We are talking about a matter of high interest.

On Sunday, a team from The Freeport News was dispatched to get a close-up assessment of the homes that make up the South Bahama Housing Project. It appeared, after perusal, that just five of the 39 homes were occupied.

Why just that small number?

Some of the questions raised by Edwards, if answered, would certainly shed light on what the previous government should have done and what the present one needs to do to maximize the situation.

The position we take is that the matter is not one that should result in criticisms. Rather, the focus should be on emboldening the government of the day to bring clarity and a meaningful conclusion to a project that looks to be quite worth the while.

The reality is that taxpayers’ funds have already gone into the project. The houses that are not occupied will be subjected to deterioration or vandalism. Governments have the responsibility of taking good care of the people’s business. Well, the South Bahamian project should be addressed.

Quite frankly, Edwards should be complimented for bringing the project back into the spotlight. It had become just a memory for many, even in the general South Bahamia precinct, a vast area in which many sections are obscured. No doubt, there are many residents of South Bahamia who use just one route, coming and going out of their particular residential area.

Accordingly, they might never even venture into the vicinity of Yorkshire Drive and Blair Circle, where the housing project is located. Now, though, the matter has been brought to light once again.

The situation is ideal for a discourse, for sure.

We think a “Rent to Own” program is plausible.

How about it Senator Thompson?

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